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FinnMK's News

Posted by FinnMK - September 29th, 2016

I don't think I've ever been as pumped for something as I have for this - I've had the great pleasure of once again working with Knuckle Cracker as a composer (I scored Creeper World III: Arc Eternal) for the new spiritual successor to CW3, Particle Fleet: Emergence! 

You can pick up a copy right here:

Play it and enjoy! And tell me if you like the soundtrack - or hate it - and why! I'm always eager to learn.

Posted by FinnMK - September 25th, 2016

And here it is - my new album! Album Fünf arrives! You can purchase it and stream it on Bandcamp:

Or download it for free and stream it on Soundcloud:

All the tracks are also available here on Newgrounds, but as I'm unable to make a playlist, you'll just have to go searching through my tracks this year if you want to listen locally.

Album Fünf has shown a real development in my abilities compared to past albums. Since finishing the Album Four EP, I've been making a real effort to step up my production game. I did an online course in audio mastering as well as some research on my own, and I'm very happy with the results I'm now able to get. These tracks aren't top of the pops production-level, but I'm on my way there!

In terms of content, I've gotten more raw and emotional. I rarely used to write about my feelings, my thoughts, my dreams, my desires, but on this album things have gotten very personal. Tracks like Airborne, Road To Happiness, Mad, Mad, Mad and What A Beautiful Life | Happiness is Here | Worth all have meaning to me on a lyrical level as well as musical. Writing personal lyrics is exposing and embarrassing, but I think it's resulted in some really great music. There's not a single track on here I don't really enjoy.

As always, I hope you find some enjoyment and meaning in these pieces of music.

Posted by FinnMK - September 24th, 2016

A new Finn album? Whaaaaaaaat?

Posted by FinnMK - September 12th, 2016

My latest original (and perhaps the last original for a little while) is getting released this weekend, but I couldn't wait to share the artwork for it. I can barely wait to release the whole thing!...


Posted by FinnMK - September 10th, 2016

It's the end of an era!

Also stay tuned, because next weekend I'm releasing a massive, 3-part, 8-minute song. It's intense.

Posted by FinnMK - August 22nd, 2016

It's been an exciting day!

I logged on to find out I came first out of 289 and won the Newgrounds Underdogs Audio Contest (affectionately known as the NGUAC). It was a fun competition to be a part of and definitely pushed me to make my final track, Mad, Mad, Mad, a show-stopping firecracker.

If you'd like to support me, you can purchase Mad, Mad, Mad (as well as all of my other music) right here: https://finnmk.bandcamp.com/track/mad-mad-mad

Congrats to all the other finalists, and thanks to all the judges and @TaintedLogic for being the brain behind it all.

Check out the results for the contest here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1413555

Posted by FinnMK - August 14th, 2016

Long story short, I've put all of the music I've ever recorded (178 tracks, almost 15 hours' worth) onto Bandcamp. If you'd like to support me, you can buy my music there. I'll still be releasing music for free in the future, this is just a totally optional thing if you'd like to help me continue to make music.

The humourous video explaining it!

My Bandcamp:


Posted by FinnMK - August 13th, 2016

I'm not depressed or suicidal. But I've seen its impact and I had this idea for a song from two perspectives. Sort of a quest to try and better understand it. Enjoy!


Posted by FinnMK - August 10th, 2016

Aw shit, here comes dat boi with another piano improv!

Posted by FinnMK - July 23rd, 2016

All righty all righty here's my submission for the 2016 NGUAC knockout round! I'm pretty happy with this one, especially on the production/mastering side. Here's hoping to does well in the comp.