I Won The NGUAC (Newgrounds Underdogs Audio Contest)!

2016-08-22 23:45:27 by FinnMK

It's been an exciting day!

I logged on to find out I came first out of 289 and won the Newgrounds Underdogs Audio Contest (affectionately known as the NGUAC). It was a fun competition to be a part of and definitely pushed me to make my final track, Mad, Mad, Mad, a show-stopping firecracker.

If you'd like to support me, you can purchase Mad, Mad, Mad (as well as all of my other music) right here: https://finnmk.bandcamp.com/track/mad-mad-mad

Congrats to all the other finalists, and thanks to all the judges and @TaintedLogic for being the brain behind it all.

Check out the results for the contest here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1413555


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2016-08-22 23:48:34

congrats mate, was a pleasure listening to your track.

FinnMK responds:

Thanks a bunch!


2016-08-23 00:37:26

Thanks for the shout-out! I'm certainly going to be one of the people downloading your track. ;)

Also, when I said I thought you had competed in the contest before, I think I was confusing you with someone else. Sorry!

FinnMK responds:

No worries, and woo!


2016-08-23 04:13:42

I took a listen to that track earlier. I don't know why, but it sounds like it's been influenced by Madness, another band I really like. Congratulations on the win!

FinnMK responds:

I've never heard of Madness before! I'll have to check them out. Thanks very much!


2016-08-23 07:33:07

I would have said this earlier if I had the time, but congratulations! Your track absolutely nailed it :D

FinnMK responds:

Thanks a bunch! Very kind of you to say so.


2016-08-23 13:09:08

A victory well-deserved -- congratulations!

FinnMK responds:

Thanks very much Jeremy!


2016-08-23 21:33:15


FinnMK responds:

Thanks dem0lecule!


2016-08-23 22:43:17

Congrats dude, you have a very nice voice and you make great music, that is all.

FinnMK responds:

Thanks Cam!