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2016-05-14 13:02:02 by FinnMK

My 100th video on Youtube! Let's look back at the past...

CollegeHumor SONGIFIED!

2016-05-11 14:40:36 by FinnMK

Instead of a piano improv this week, I'm trying something TOTALLY new! Hope you enjoy!

Some classic U2 on this fine Mother's Day!

I'm Moving!/Tour Of My Studio

2016-04-17 10:30:57 by FinnMK

Woah, weird, I vlogged. If you've wanted to see what my studio is like before I move, now's the time!

Piano Improv #23 Delayed

2016-03-16 23:47:30 by FinnMK

Hate to do this two weeks in a row, but I've been hashing out some serious computer issues. To make a long story short a clean OS install saved the day, but I've been re-installing and transferring my programs for work and that's got to come before the new piano improv.

It's ready and waiting in my files, and I will almost assuredly upload it tomorrow! 

Piano Improv #22 up and running!

2016-03-10 11:17:03 by FinnMK

All issues got fixed. Enjoy!

Piano Improv Delayed

2016-03-09 19:18:19 by FinnMK

Having trouble uploading this week's improv to a couple of my sites, so stay tuned! I'll try again tomorrow :p

New upload schedule!

2016-01-19 21:49:59 by FinnMK

Piano Improv every Wednesday, other uploads on the weekends sometimes. Currently working hard to get the 'other uploads' steady and consistent! I'll hopefully be able to update this in a week or two with a more exact schedule.

New tunes coming soon

2016-01-17 09:26:42 by FinnMK

Just a quick post to say I'm planning to upload new music pretty regularly from now on, so if anyone has any ideas of songs they want me to cover, genres they'd like to hear, etc. then let me know!


Hi everyone,

I'm Finn M-K, a professional game/film composer living in Ottawa, Canada! I've worked on several games and films in the past and I'm looking for talented developers with great games to score. I am only interested in paid work. I apologize to talented developers with no budget, but this is how I make a living and I do not do pro bono projects.

I'm always happy to negotiate budget and I can guarantee you will always receive a high quality finished score.

You can hear all of my music, see my past projects, and learn more about me on my website, I'm also on other sites around the net, which I'll link below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Finn M-K

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